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We never work for motivation but we work for transformation.

1500+ Members

1500+ Members

Because we are a community of top 1500+ Successful Businessmen & Entrepreneur across India.

Let’s Grow Together

Let’s Grow Together

Because we are contributing in a member's life for their Success.

Back to Back Action

Back to Back Action

Because we are continuously working in an Action.

Business Meeting

Business Meeting

Because we have a schedule of Fortnight meetings for followback.



Because we are not giving motivation, we are finding a solution to every problem.

"How To Become a Member"


Bechna Asan Hai..!

Becoming unstoppable in the area of the sales. And things that were not moving will start moving.


Bharosa Hai, To Mumkin Hai..!

Peace and Happiness, Satisfaction and Fulfilment and Most Importantly Pride, Self Confidence and Self Esteem.


Mangne Se Milta Hai..!

Taking control of your finances. How to make your business finance work. Program is about improving your collection pattern.


Because I Love You..!

Discover your love with your partner like never before. You will get a changed view and strong bonding in your relationship.


Leadership Funnel

A Process of becoming a leader Taking the best out of yourself and becoming a leader of your life and being the best.


I’m The Magic..!

Members can see and experience the powerful and never before performance in themselves and cause magic in all areas of their life which was not before improve self-confidence and improve performance.


Staff Training..!

Do you want to make your communication powerful? Do you want to make sure your employees work as if it's their company? Does your staff have problems dealing with clients?



The intricacies of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship.


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Member Reviews

My last one journey of Progress Alliance is such a wonderful dream for me and my business. What I was thinking and my belief for my staff is totally wrong. During the journey in club and interactions with leaders today I believe that my staff is great and extraordinary, and when I start thinking about them they also produce an extraordinary result in performance. Also like to share that we run our business with 1.8 cr stock before a year and today we do same business with our current stock of Rs.1cr only. And we increase sales day by day

Gopal Sheladiya

I am very high ambitious person, but I was not able to maintain and manage my work profile. As a result I was far away from my goals and vision. After joining Progress Alliance I learn to set goals as in time management frames. l also understand to power of empowerment our employees. Now my employees makes me free from responsibilities and focus on different and diversify business without disturbing my running business. I must say that Progress Alliance give me power to know that “Who I am, and what is my strength”

Nitin Mistry
Nitin Ceramics

I am Proud Progress Alliance Member from Last 6 years. After coming in Progress Alliance, I discovered about myself that I never used to take big games in my life. Now with support of my Leaders and Members I have started taking big games in my Life. Also I have started taking interest in life of other peoples. Last year My company’s turnover was 2.5 cr. Now this year my company’s turnover is 4.5 cr. This has become possible in my life only after taking big games in my life. During lockdown when many businesses were closed, we were giving on time delivery to our customers that is very proud moment for us. I have shifted my focus from self centred to being available for people in my Life. Now I live my life for Contribution and stand for People. This is possible only being a Progress Alliance Member.

Gaurang Vasoya
Excellent Corporation

I have been running the company since 2014 in which we work UPS Battery Inverter Stabilizer Sales & Service. We are Dealing with corporate companies, Industrial & Domestic (Home) etc .I joined Progress Alliance As a member in 2018, at that time my company’s sales was 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh per month, Now my company’s sales is 15 lakh to 20 lakh per month. At the same time, my entrepreneurship skill has developed to next level, I have started new venture management developers in my industry, I have taken leadership anywhere and I am working on success with enthusiasm. Now I am living life of Words. What I speak it becomes reality in my life and in my business .This is what I got only and only by becoming a member in Progress Alliance.

Manish Busa
SARDAR Enterprise

I am Proud Member of Progress Alliance from last 2 Years. Before Joining progress club I was stuck in my routine works and could not concentrate on business Growth actions. After being Progress Alliance I learners to be effective in work delegation and increasing business sales and profits. My sales increased from 1.5 crore to 2 crore per month. Also net profit increased by 2% at same cost. I was doing 1.5 cr Sales with 1.5 cr stock now I am doing 2 cr sales with 1.25 cr stock. We have started 3rd Branch of Hastee Mart just within 14 days. I had developed team of 60+ extraordinary team members. Now I am fulfilling my commitments to my Suppliers, Customers, Team Members, and every other person connected with me and my business. Now I am effectively managing all areas of my business like, sales, purchase, marketing, finance, accounts, HR, IT. Being A Progress Alliance Member I have support of 450+ Members for my 360 degree growth and development. Now I am managing my family life very well along with doing successful business.

Naresh Teli
HASTEE MART - Supermarket






Life Never Works You have to Make it Work

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